Things that are interesting

These prepackaged ice cream cones were at almost every 7-Eleven I went to.

Ice Cream

Individual boiled eggs. I think this should come to America. The Japanese enjoy soft-boiled eggs which are vastly superior to the sulfur-smelling hard-boiled.


At almost every vending machine you could find this white Powerade tasting drink. The Pocari Sweat Company is trying to get a bottle of the Pocari Sweat powder on the moon.

Pocari Sweat

This was just too funny to not take a picture of. What is he doing?


Apparently he just loves Japan.

Just individually wrapped cheesecake slices cake.


The selection of cold coffee is really vast and there is a lot of unsweetened iced coffee coffee.


This was one of the many snacks offered at the convenience stores. It is a pancake with butter baked inside.


This is the work of Hiroshi Ishiguro called Telenoid R1.


It seems the robot was to be used as a telepresence robot that had no gender or age. I’ll let you decide what to think of this creation.

This is a perfectly round cantaloupe that costs about $74.93. Fruit in japan is very luxurious gift and comes with an extravagant price.


This isn’t the most interesting thing but I thought the Coke cans opening shape was mildly interesting.


This is how I would wash my clothes. The Japanese typically do not use dryers opting to air dry their clothes.

Washing Machine

This is another snack, a non-refrigerated uncrustable.


This is a Suica Card: a rechargeable contactless card that is most often used to pay for train fares. More recently the card is extending to stores to act as a type of electronic money. The next picture shows the train gate where you tap the card on the light blue area to pay for the train.


Ticket Gate