Getting to Tokyo
Getting to Tokyo

I left the Dallas airport at 1:30pm, and several hours later I was given this:


Several more hours passed and I arrived at the Narita Airport at 4:30pm. It took about an hour to get through customs and immigration, which was very organized. I was not permitted to take pictures so I don’t have any. After I got my bag, which I truly thought would not make it, I walked over to the train ticket counter and bought a one-way to the Shinagawa station on the Narita Express. The trip was a little over an hour. Arriving at the Shinagawa station I met my contact and followed her to another train bound for Osaki. There I met another coworker and the owner of my apartment.


This is my bedroom.

The walk from the station to the apartment was about 10 minutes. However, if you are carrying a large bag it will seem much longer. Once I dropped off my bags I followed my coworker to the office , which is about the same distance from the station in the opposite direction. After he brought me back to the apartment we agreed to meet the following morning to discuss traveling in Japan.


My bathroom.


My washing machine and kitchen together, just like home.


A view from my balcony.


The front door.


A view of Osaki West City Towers on my way to work.